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WordPress Photo themes are beautiful but also very focused. In fact most of them do not write a lot. Text boxes are generally limited in order to put the photo in value.

In part against it is common to see the details of pictures as the camera used, aperture, shutter speed, iso .. These data are extracted from the photo and published automatically to most of these templates. Some of them even come geographical position if your device has a GPS function.

Of course you can write a description, some details for your readers but the content is not clearly highlighted. And often a black or semi transparent background which does not make pleasant reading. By the fact that WordPress themes are not intended to receive a lot of content in return you will not find anything better to highlight and expose your work as a photographer.

Although there are known platforms to sell your photos online, some of the templates below include a basket and allow you to sell your photos from your own website.

We are in an environment where the aesthetic takes over the content and .. SEO.

photo wordpress theme verticality

Test Verticality

Verticality, a responsive WordPress template

Verticality is a beautiful picture responsive WordPress template.

It is a shame to call it like that because it’s worked in the horizontal release.

This is not a problem either as all screens are horizontal. Tablets and phones will have to consult the version panorama. It works vertically but .. ho and then you’ll see ..

An interesting portfolio or a blog photo project theme.

photo du template responsive photo chocolate

Test Chocolate

Chocolate, a WordPress template responsive refined

The image shows the left is the view from an Ipad. On a big screen is far more interesting.

If you need a responsive WordPress theme Photo refined, clean, light and minimalist, chocolate is for you.

Precise and complex combination of gradients, shadows and lights. A feature-rich design. You can present your work in a unique way and will have a blog with advanced options powered by Woo Tumnblog and Express App to publish your mobile (IOS).

I’ve never seen so many choices of texture and pattern for background. Possible combinations in just three clicks are awesome.

photo du Template word press responsive photolux

Test Photolux

Photolux, a responsive highly customizable themes

Photolux is a responsive WordPress theme.

Tons of options are available in the administration panel in pexeto. To manage and edit every aspect of the theme.

3 skins available light and dark transparent that are themselves modified from the admin panel to conceive it yours.

photo du Template Word Press Responsive Photo Invictus

Test Invictus

Invictus, a WordPress template responsive in full screen

Invictus is a full screen WordPress responsive template for photos and videos. The possibilities are endless and it’s even a little scared. You can choose between black or white as a base and then you can customize the rest in other colors. A very complete administration panel but efficient and well organized. Fortunately.

You will understand, it is so full that I will not even begin to list what you can do with this theme is discouraging ..


Test Glare


Are you a photographer or a model that need to exhibit his work? Stop looking, responsive WordPress theme Photo Glare is for you.

Two types of home page. A slider with a full screen picture, the other with a video slider in the background.
Glare WordPress theme was created to be as flexible as possible. Select the desired number of columns for each category.


Test PhotoTouch

PhotoTouch, a picture template responsive

PhotoTouch is a nice WordPress template Photo responsive. It offers a gallery / slideshow to design inspired by the photo application iphone.

Users can drag the photos one finger or with the keyboard arrows. Type 2 times, pinch or stretch the picture. Nothing special for a classic theme. But this one is responsive and the handling only apply to photos in the gallery / slideshow. And make it an interesting portfolio.


Test FullScreen

FullScreen, a minimalist WordPress theme and responsive

FullScreen is a minimalist WordPress theme for photographer and responsive.

Full gallery is to go with the button provided for this purpose. Press the escape key to exit full screen mode.

This gallery can either be assigned to the items as photos. What makes this topic interesting picture.

photo artist.jpg

Test PhotoArtist

PhotoArtist, in my opinion the best WordPress theme photo

PhotoArtist is a beautiful responsive WordPress theme. His serious and professional look will highlight your best shots.

A lab test you can try it on your own site to assess the report and discover the countless options.

core photography theme wordpress responsive

Test Core Photography

Core Photography, a responsive WordPress template for photographers

The Core Photography WordPress template is responsive and equipped with a full-screen slideshow for your and / or photo and video gallery.

This is a very simple theme responsive, minimalist, which will highlight your best images.

It has 16 animations for the full screen slideshow with interesting reflections.

Equipped a shortcode generator
You can set background music and choose between a white or black background

theme wordpress kingsize

Test KingSize

KingSize, WordPress theme picture as sold

The Kingsize responsive WordPress theme is downright amazing, going to play with this menu you can move up and down with a very smooth animation and allows you to have the image in full screen.

This theme is responsive, it automatically adapts to any screen width (tablets, smartphones included) then resize the browser window you will see that it retains all the proportions.

A full screen slider that accepts videos
4 types of galleries and a blog template
12 video tutorials to take charge

photo de photorific template word press photo

Test Photorific

Photorific, a full screen template

Photorific WordPress is a full screen picture that can be used for multiple projects theme.

You can program as many background images as you want for each page, article or picture. The image will be stretched to fit the screen size of the visitor.

More than 30 shortcodes, 3 widgets, contact form Ajax.

photo de DK For Photography, un template word press photo

Test DK for Photography

DK For Photography, a WordPress template to upload your photos to post

DK is a full screen WordPress template with unlimited colors. A special tool to upload photos is available.

template word press photo gleam

Test Gleam

Gleam, a WordPress template photo Ajax

WordPress theme for photographers Gleam creates a unique sailing experience that will capture the attention of your visitors. It allows you to upload a different photo background for each page. You can really create a unique look for each section of your website.

Gleam load pages with Ajax. Creating an incredibly smooth sailing for your visitors. They will never have to reload the page.
A full size gallery is also present. To display the description of a picture by passing the mouse over it. (lightbox function)
A portfolio full screen. It allows you to navigate between photos thanks to the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. The central menu disappears and leaves the way open for the exhibition.
Generator shortcodes.
Ready for translation.

flashlight template word press photo

Test Flashlight

Flashlight, one of these WordPress themes to create huge galleries in a few clicks

The WordPress template full screen flashlight is elegant and flexible.

It is suitable for users without knowledge and developers.

With 5 types of galleries you are sure to present your work in a way that best suits your project.

Shortcodes generator
video Tutorials
Integrated payment system
The administration of the gallery is very convenient. Just load your photos, select the type of gallery and publish. You can create monumental galleries in minutes.

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