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You are fond of free WordPress themes to believe statistics. I present on WP-Infinity have been selected for their graphic. I downloaded the source (which you should always do) but I wanted to keep a copy that you can download here.

Person is normally passed on. This does not mean that they are reliable origin.



You yourself have said that nothing is free?

Probably yes. Know that it is the same with the free WordPress themes.

I did not write this post to scare you or to convince you to buy your WordPress theme. But given that I present myself WordPress themes “free” others without checking anything I wanted to warn you. To reassure you that there are WordPress themes free and clean! Go to bottom of page for more info.


What are the risks of free WordPress themes?

It is common to find Base64 code in free templates. Base64 is dangerous, it is encrypted and in most cases used to hide malicious code. In addition to malicious code, it can hide links to dangerous websites. If you change or remove the Base64 code, the theme stops working.

Some webmasters were using free WordPress themes to quickly create a large number of backlinks in their SEO strategy. This SEO strategy only works in the short term to see any more. But the free WordPress themes have remained well stocked.


Can we use them?

This is very bad in the eyes of Google friend, especially if these links point to sites of poor quality, or disreputable, it can hurt your SEO.

Secondly if the hacker has done well it can change these links, replace your ads by hers, access to sensitive data. And in the worst case: full access to your site.


Clean Free WordPress Themes

It is possible, but it is not up my alley. There is a free WordPress plugin that does the job for you, it is TAC “Theme Authenticity Checker”.

It seems that TAC is not really reliable because if the hacker decided to hide his hack TAC TAC are hoodwinked. I refer you to an article by Julio Potier who will explain the problem better than I ⇒ “TAC : Theme Authenticity Checker”

C’est le jeu du chat et de la souris.


But then..

So that’s it! Go your way ..

No it is not true. Here are some reliable sources:


ARROW - paint orange

1747 Free WordPress themes to download WordPress.org.. and only a search bar to find the gem.

31A real naval battle .. There is an advanced search option for side work here ⇒ http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/tag-filter/.



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Siobhan Mc Keown from WPMU.org cites the following as reliable directories. You can trust him.

16Theme Shaper   |   Smashing Magazine
ThemeLab   |   Arras Theme
Theme Hybrid



ARROW - paint orangeSome shops offer premium occasionally WordPress themes. These themes should be reliable as the reputation of the shop is in. And you end up with a free WordPress theme with a theme worthy of a premium complete administration panel. The main feature shops that offer free WordPress themes: ThemeForest, CSSigniterElegantThemesColorLabsProjectThemifyThemeFuse.


Good luck.


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