WordPress Themes & Templates


There are now thousands of themes and templates, and their number keeps increasing with the success and progress of this CMS. It is easy to get lost in a forest of themes when it comes to looking for the right WordPress template which would best fit a project. That’s why our successful platform is called ThemeForest.If there were only ours, we’d find our way.

But the problem is that there are a hundreds of different shops out there. Some agencies are specialized in creating themes and plugins, while others function as platforms where developers sell their products. Quality control, which is more or less required in any store, plays an important role in the store’s reputation. Our role is to find and analyze the latest WordPress themes and templates from these platforms to classify them right here .

WP-Infinity.com is a portal combining the best WordPress themes in one single place so that you save time in searching. In case you can’t find a theme for your project, and you specialize in e-commerce sites for example, you can subscribe to this particular category and automatically receive the latest quality templates rather than sign up for dozens of newsletters. This allows you to focus on your current project, while we take care of searching for and analyzing the themes that are likely to fit you. Our research targets premium WordPress templates but also covers the free themes, even though the quality is not the best.

Start by properly defining the framework you need, position positions, menu and widgets before you get lost in the templates. When you begin replacing your pictures by the perhaps more impressive pictures taken by professional photographers the magic may no longer operate. Try to imagine your own content to fit in these spaces.