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geo ios app
geo ios app

Test GeoTheme

GeoTheme, google map integration and Custom App

This is a complex theme, you can easily allow your visitors to post on the front end.

The advantage is that the developers are only working on this project. Unlike other shops that must maintain several templates simultaneously. It is their unique project, and so the improvements and updates are constantly underway. Believe me, this wordpress template will never be disused.

For instance, there exists an application for iPhone AND Android downloadable on white label. No no, I did not say responsive, I mean an app related to your site that your visitors will download from the Apple Store. If I understand correctly, this app is updated gradually as your ads are deployed on the site. Each client have their own application, not the same one for everybody, eh! Another thing, when connecting to your site, your visitors are redirected to the map based on the location of their browser.

To make a long story short, I would use it for a professional project only. Especially since the opening of a developer account costs $ 99 yearly with Apple IOS, and that will be necessary to publish your App (optional) on the Apple store.

However, nothing prevents you to use the theme without the application.

carte geo localisation

Test GeoPlace

GeoPlace, more affordable

Much more affordable in terms of knowledge and budget, GeoPlace turns out to be a good alternative to GeoTheme.

The main difference is that instead of being redirected automatically to the position of your browser, you select the city you are in whilst entering the site.

The ability for members to post their own ads is still present. Like every other theme on this page dedicated to WordPress classifieds ads.

carte punaise

Test Directory

Directory, geolocation on a map

A highly requested feature emerged, geolocation. Thanks to the Google map API integrated into this theme for ads, your eyes would be filled with wonder once you’ll be searching items for sale on the map. An element to promote for a specific type of ad, where the buyer has to move around, therefore it is useless if he wants to get delivered. The first idea that comes to me are used vehicules.

And that will stand out from competition .. Until others also adopt that feature, which will not take long.

Oh yes! I forgot .. the google street view and a scoring system also takes part of that template.

petites annonces facile

Test Elist

eList, simple but functional

ElegantThemes has not trampled, eList has no functional purpose to it that will stand out from others, but it is of a childlike simplicity to implement. And it is on this ground that ElegantThemes is playing. Furthermore, purchasing this theme will give you access to 82 others. It will be easy to integrate it with another more aesthetic front from ElegantThemes, for the price of one ..

If you are quite ambitious, make a check on this one.

evenement soirée

Test NightLife

NightLife for events, parties, concerts

This theme is very interesting, you can offer a service (free or not) for that organizers add events on the calendar, just as you can add them yourself. A theme of this kind must be responsive.

Thanks to the WooCommerce integration, selling tickets online is possible.

RSVP feature allows members to mark the events on which they intend to participate. To find them in their panel, the current event displays a list of all participants.

Advanced integration with Facebook allow members to publish their own Facebook events automatically.

That’s quite a template, right?

qualité ebay le bon coin

Test DolceDirectory


4 years ago, Gaby designing a WordPress classifieds theme called ClassiPress. You may have heard of. After a while he sold the concept, but he liked the idea so much he decided to make another with improvements in design and handling. Thus was born DolceClassifieds’s successor ClassiPress. However ClassiPress (below) has seen many updates from appthemes (the shop that made ​​the acquisition), and was not left behind.


Test ClassiPress

ClassiPress, a WordPress theme classifieds

ClassiPress is the most popular WordPress themes classifieds.


If you like the style of the last two, you can compare with it, very similar: Classified Ads Theme

enchères ebay

Test AuctionPress

Auction, auction of Ebay auction types

AucionTheme is the only WordPress theme that supports the auction.

Customized report with the auction email alerts

Private email to contact the seller

Comprehensive options like: Reserve, buy now and “make offer”

Automatic relisting of unsold items

Rating system vendors built according to 4 criteria customizable

Highlight its announcement | Locate on Google map | Everything you need to monetize your website

Performance statistics of your site directly from the admin panel

Ability to import catalogs of other shops to address the lack of announcements at the beginning with management affiliate links.

Ultimately, I just discover another one

There is also a plugin for small auction that should be able to fit the theme of conventional small ads of your choice with some (many?) Work. Over there.

importer xml csv

Test Directory

DirectoryPress, close to the “good spot”

DirectoryPress, like all the themes from PremiumPress, is distinguished by its professional look. It is not at all in blogging, with this kind of sites catalog provided it is important to get to have many products on a single page. And this is very close to big sites current e-commerce. If they have adopted this type layout, there is a good reason to be sure.

This WordPress theme is a complete small ads that integrates different payment systems.

At first you can fill your catalog by importing products shops of your choice to xml format / csv. ClickBank understood.

However, if the import csv catalogs / xml premium classified ads in your project you are interested rather ComparisonPress the following theme.

import catalogue xml csv

Test Classifieds


ClassifiedThemes has the same characteristics as DirectoryPress, only the layout is slightly different.

comparateur de prix

Test Comparison

ComparisonPress, a price comparison

This amazing WordPress theme combines different features, it will be impossible to mention them all to me so they are numerous. But here’s the key:

You can import product catalogs in XML and CSV formats so any store of your choice.

Incredible import from the administration panel products from Amazon / Ebay / Datafeedr ‘s

Compare products side by side with the buttons “add to favorites”

Automatic integration of your affiliate links and integrated cloaking.

Advanced advertising category management

To top it all, and as if that was not enough your visitors can post ads to fill a little catalog.

Rate albeit import xml / csv and automatic import of products Amazon / Ebay / Datafeedr ‘s, descriptions, reviews etc.. Products are fed automatically.

Import tools ComparisonPress were tested with the largest affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Linkshare, ShareASale etc. .. Import smooth warranty.


Test Directory

Directory, a WordPress template for a classifieds site

Directory is a great WordPress classifieds theme. Provide an additional section to your site by adding a classified ads can bring you lots of traffic. Especially if you make this free service.

On this WordPress theme visitors can post directly without registering. On a form loaded Ajax appears on top of the current page, a comprehensive form.


Test Classifier

Classifier, a responsive WordPress theme for classifieds

A responsive WordPress template that allows people to post classified ads, renew them and delete. By integrating some photos.

Possibility to adapt it for a community site, personal ads (if you have provided a lot of things for sale), real estate listings.

The ads are detailed with photos, descriptions, prices, contact and communication with the advertiser.

Its design and intuitive design will make your users feel comfortable. Everything is there for visitors to quickly see the reason for existence of your site and what it is used.

You can offer advertisers to appear on the first page with an integrated payment sytem. | Generate coupons. | A Widget two tabs allows you to display your categories at the same time and in the other tab the most popular categories. | Configure options available Packs users from a panel. | Manage ads from the visible side of your site (front end) | Generator shortcodes. | Responsive and developed in html5 and css3 to adapt to all screens. | Photos imported by advertisers are automatically resized.


Test JobJockey

JobJockey, a template oriented on job searching

The WordPress theme JobJockey is responsive and proposes an array for jobs and staff.

Let employers post the ads. With the profile of their company, description of the jobs, salary, location on google map and a link to apply.

Your users can save multiple resumes, add important details such as desired salary, the areas in which they seek etc. .. Marking their favorite ads for later. And of course apply.

An example of website created with the theme JobJockey

Paypall integration if you want to monetize your site.
Shortcodes generator

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