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blog plein écran

Test Neo

Neo, a fullscreen blog

It is rare to come across a full screen template for anything other than photography. Neon will allow you to blog on a wide space. But not that wide. The first thing I would do is expand the content area. Such a wonderful width should be taken advantage of.

one touch

Test OneTouch

One Touch, a beautiful WordPress theme with full screen Metro style

One Touch, a beautiful WordPress theme with full screen Metro style
One Touch is a template with a new touch. This is called the Metro style. This design greatly inspired by Windows 8 has been particularly successful. It is not a full-screen theme, properly speaking. Only the slider can be in one of the configurations. But believe me it is enough.

2 Premium plugins are free and available after the purchase of this theme:
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin (15 $)
Visual Composer for WordPress (25 $)
It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Making it a versatile template.


Test Ink

INK, a fullscreen portfolio

INK is an original theme, at least as original as the next one. This type of portfolio theme is especially appropriate for creative designers and artists eager to showcase their work.


Test Origin

Origin, a WordPress template portfolio in full screen

Origin and INK are both special. They are very similar, yet it is quite rare to come across this type of template. If that is what you’re looking for, you won’t find this type of quality anywhere else.


Test Jphotolio

Jphotolio, a classy template

Jphotolio is a full screen responsive template. And it is quite… impressive. This is an original theme, compatible for audio and video. Choose between the black or white version, both are beautiful.

photo artist.jpg

Test PhotoArtist

PhotoArtist, an excellent photography WordPress theme fullscreen

PhotoArtist is very well suited for professional photographers. This is an awesome theme, yet can be discreet. It will be worthy of your photos. And countless options give free rein to your imagination. A lab test allows you to try it on your own site. You can evaluate the layout and discover its countless options.

core photography theme wordpress responsive

Test CorePhotography

Core Photography

With CorePhotography, it’s your photos that dress up the theme and not the other way around. However, it will offer you many transition effects in 3d. A theme much less invasive than the last. For a more minimalist design.


Test Pinboard

PinBoard, a full screen responsive theme with grid

You must try this demo multisite, which allows anyone to come and post things on the wall.

theme wordpress kingsize

Test KingSize

KingSize, THE successful WordPress theme

KingSize is a success story. But a victim of it? When you come across such a perfect theme, it’s clear it would take quite a few adjustments to personalize it, and not give it away.

We always recognize this theme. And it keeps selling. The quality goes without say…
A full screen slider that accepts videos
4 types of galleries and a blog template
12 video tutorials to take charge

photo de photorific template word press photo

Test Photorific


Photorific is a versatile theme. You can program as many images as you want for each page background, article or picture. The image will be stretched to fit the size of the viewer’s screen. More than 30 shortcodes, 3 widgets, contact form Ajax.

photo de DK For Photography, un template word press photo

Test DK for Photography

DK For Photography, or how to upload photos in bulk

DK is customizable at will through a huge range of colors. A special tool will allow you to load a large number of pictures with a single click. And create monumental galleries quickly.

template word press photo gleam

Test Gleam

Gleam, full screen Ajax

The introduction to the site is interesting with the menu placed in the center. This is particularly original ..
Gleam loads pages with Ajax. Creating incredibly smooth surfing for your visitors. They will never have to reload the page.

A full size gallery is also visible. To display the description of a picture by passing the mouse over it. (lightbox function)

A portfolio full screen. It allows you to navigate between photos using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. The central menu disappears and leaves the way open for the exhibition.

Shortcodes generator.

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flashlight template word press photo

Test FlashLight

Flashlight, Import your photos in bulk

The animated menu is very interesting. It is possible to make your visitors arrive on the site with only a picture in full screen and a small home button on the bottom left of the screen. You will enter the site with impressive fluidity. Oh yes one detail: Flashlight automatically picks up the details stored in the camera and displays the camera settings and the date the pictures were taken. Can it capture the location using GPS? I’ll let you discover this on your own.

shortcode generator
video Tutorials
Integrated payment system to sell your photos online
Administrating the gallery is very convenient. Just load your photos, select the type of gallery and publish. You can create monumental galleries in minutes.

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Test Glare


Glare is a WordPress theme with an exquisite design. Its real appeal lies within the full screen slider. And I do not recommend it for a site with a lot of written material. Both the title and the description will be beautifully set up.

Two types of home page. A slider with a full screen picture, the other with a video slider in the background.
Glare WordPress theme was created to be as flexible as possible with the portfolio.

Photo de RSW, un template word press photo

Test RSW

RSW, a responsive WordPress theme for photographers

RSW will be perfect for your photos, but not so much for content. Video and audio work okay.

chocolate template word press responsive photo

Test Chocolate

Chocolate, WordPress theme for a refined fullscreen

Chocolate has managed to marry photography with content. I highly recommend this blog. A nice reminder that photographers sometimes have things to say.

A complex combination of shadings and different sets of lighting. A design rich with functionalities. You can present your work in an unrivaled way. And post it with your IOS phone thanks to advanced options propelled by Woo Tumnblog and Express App. I have never seen so many choices of backgrounds. And the number of combinations after just three mouse clicks is very impressive.

photo du Template word press responsive photolux

Test Photolux

Photolux, a highly customizable responsive theme

Photolux is a responsive WordPress theme.
Tons of options are available at the admin panel from pexeto to manage and modify each aspect of the theme. That’s perfect, because it needs to get personalized.
You will be able to design your own texture from the administration panel. And at this level do not worry, because pexeto is one of the things they control best.

Photo de RSW, un template word press photo

Test Invictus

Invictus, a fullscreen WordPress template

Invictus is a very complete theme. I advise you to switch into white (make it blank) right away before exploring it. A picture theme that leaves room for writing.

the naviguator google map carte wordpress theme

Test Naviguator

The Naviguator, a travel theme

This is an innovative theme. No overdone WaltDisney animations nor “I hide the menu to show you the beautiful full screen picture in the back”.

However, you can immediately understand where the interest of this fabulous WordPress theme lies. It’s designed for frequent travelers. Pictures and travelogues will trace the route you took. I just now understand what the GPS function on my camera is all about. This theme works with the google map api.

fullscreen template wordpress plein écran

Test FullScreen

FullScreen template, a full screen WordPress theme

I hope you have a project that would be good for this one.

Unfortunately for frequent publications it will be difficult to keep it organized without losing all your visitors in dark dead end tunnels. However, if you expand the little blog page a little … Whatever .. I’ll end up finding a way to use this template. I’ll keep it warm for later.

fullscreen video

Test VideoGrid

Videogrid, an efficient multimedia sorting system

I know that this greyish tone doesn’t make it too captivating. However.. VideoGrid is still a very interesting theme, it is ideal for sorting out videos, music and images. It is particularly adapted for a multimedia portfolio, but not for a content-rich site or frequent publications.

photo wordpress theme verticality

Test Verticality

Verticality, a full screen one page photo theme

Here we are! I created this page exactly for that reason ; a photo theme one page and fullscreen…

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