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templat une page parralax

Test Parallax

Parallax, the parallax effect

The parallax effect seems to mean the image moving when you scroll down, accompanying us for a while and creating a slow motion effect. This is becoming more and more frequent on one page templates. We are used to scroll down at high speed but there we find ourselves stopping for an instant. It has a cool effect, quite successful.

single one

Test BoxOne

BoxOne, a fixed summary

The particularity of the one page WordPress template BoxOne is this fixed sidebar on the left. Because everything happens on a single page, you can name this sidebar your summary. Here this type of theme takes on all its meaning, because the links are actually anchors that lead you to the right chapter without scrolling.

You can let yourself go and create a very long page, varying multimedia and text.

En une seule page

Test Devine

Devine, an interesting one page template

Difficult to realize what it looks like on the snapshot on the left, but when you land on the site, you see the picture in full screen with a light animation, livening up the page.

Do not miss the small arrow in the upper right corner and click on it. A scrolling widget will allow you to locate yourself on google map. A function worth using.


Test Excelsior

Excelsior, a one page accordion WordPress theme

Original: this WordPress theme opens its different pages like an accordion.

Its portfolio in the same style is unique, even out of the ordinary. A must see.


Test Locus

Locus, a responsive template

Locus is a nice one page template with a nice menu that sticks on the top screen as you scroll down. Its lively portfolio is also entertaining.

Da Vinci

Test DaVinci

Da Vinci, a one page WordPress theme with a nice slider

The demo version of this WordPress template has been particularly successful, showing the example of an architect’s showcase. Don’t get disappointed once the photos are removed, because they take up a lot of the space.

There is potential, but be sure to dress it up well.


Test SkyTheme

Sky Theme, an original template

Sky is really one of a kind. At the same time, the animation of the pages AND the background really add something. Great effect guaranteed.


Test Fresh

Fresh, a real one page responsive theme

Fresh is a genuine one page WordPress template filled with options and highly configurable the way you want it. It is simple and clean. It features a portfolio.

photo wordpress theme verticality

Test Verticality

Verticality, a horizontal responsive template

Verticality is a one page responsive WordPress theme. It’s a shame it’s called that because vertically, it’s ugly. Actually it has only been elaborated in the horizontal version.

This is not a problem in itself, since all computer screens are horizontal. Tablets and phones will have to consult it using the panorama version. It works horizontally, but .. Oh and then you’ll see for yourself ..

An interesting theme for a portfolio or a blog photo project.

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