Portfolio WordPress Themes


Their main attribute is generally to load all content onto the first page in order to provide an overview of the whole. And to direct visitors in a smoother way.

It is ideal to present your work whether you are a draftsman, painter, photographer or an amateur in video or music.

The handling is very simple: you just publish content without worrying (too much) about the rest.


Test Nimble

Nimble, amazing animations

I present Nimble for its many mouse-over animations. The portfolio and blog pages are particularly interesting: they highlight the content to perfection. A Must See: The animation portfolio at the bottom of the home page and blog page.


Test INK

INK is a fullscreen portfolio responsive template

INK works with a fixed sidebar on the left, just like the next WordPress theme Origin. The images which follow do not load automatically like Origin.

INK’s responsive side was particularly well done. I suggest you to resize the browser window in order to understand.


Test Origin

Origin, an original WordPress theme for a responsive full screen gallery

Origin is a charming template gallery set up entirely with a grid. A set number of slots is loaded upon arrival on the site, and then when you scroll down the page, new projects appear automatically.

one touch

Test OneTouch

One Touch, a great responsive gallery theme inspired by Windows 8

I really like the design of One Touch. This is an incredibly complete responsive Portfolio / Gallery theme. 2 Premium plugins are available:

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin (15 $)
Visual Composer for WordPress (25 $)

It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Making it a high-quality versatile template.


Test Valencia

Valencia, a charming responsive portfolio template

Valencia is a beautiful theme for drawing and painting. Ideal for presenting artistic work.


Test PixelWhiz

PixelWhiz, an interesting portfolio.

Here’s a WordPress theme with an interesting portfolio for creative types who want to exhibit their work in a professional and original way.


Test VideoGrid

VideoGrid, an interesting gallery theme

STOP. You have to stop: it’s an order. I know the grayish tone does not look that cheery.. And yet .. VideoGrid WordPress theme is based on a grid pattern.

Its uniqueness is the menu positioned on the left that extends and sorts out items by popularity, rating, date or comments with a single click and a very nice animated menu. You really have to see it to believe it. This WordPress theme is a true piece of interest.


Test PinBoard

PinBoard, a responsive WordPress grid template

You should definitely try this multisite demo: it allows anyone to come and post things on the wall.

peinture, graphisme

Test InStyle

InStyle, the wallpaper is your art

InStyle turns your screen into a wide colored drawing board. With the ability to assign different wallpapers for each section of the site, you will succeed in attracting your visitors’ attention.


Test Pinfinity

Pinfinity, a responsive WordPress theme with endless scroll

Do you feel like sharing online what you found on the web? The Pinfinity responsive WordPress theme allows you to do it Pinterest-ly.
Let your users grade their favorite items.

And share music, images, photos, links and of course articles in an incredibly simple way.

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