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If you are looking for a WordPress theme that would help you create a small community or social network, you’re in the right place.

Your site could be open to anyone or a selection of people. They would create a personal space, a profile page, and have access to various more or less advanced functions depending on the theme. As for creating groups and inviting other members, anyone can publish photos or even articles.

Usually forums with WordPress are simplistic and not very well organized. Or maybe it is just a matter of design. But it is possible to have a forum on your blog. My favorite one tends to be AskIt, which allows the author of a topic vote for the answer that proved to be most helpful for him. So that it appears first.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in this selection.

theme wordpress salutation pour reseaux sociaux

Test Salutation

Salutation, for a true community

Then the hat!

This one is great: an immaculate design and an incredible space for members. Take your time to simulate an entry with the correct email address for verification. You can access your full member area from the top left corner when you are logged into your account.

facebook style

Test Huddle

Huddle, a social WordPress theme

You know Facebook?

You know Facebook?
Community Huddle WordPress template has the advantage of being clean and understandable, a neatly designed forum with highlighted topics.
Finally a template that really deserves to be in the category.
It includes a shortcode generator.

supermassive wordpress theme.jpg

Test SuperMassive

SuperMassive, a template with a serious forum

The WordPress template SuperMassive looks like a safe. In that you can protect parts of the site with a password.

Its integrated forum is simple but it’s a good thing it exists. You’d appreciate the shadows under the pictures and the overall theme is fairly complete.

In short, a rather peculiar template, but with character.

theme word press score.jpg

Test Hitched

Score, a WordPress theme with a rating system and forum

Well I can tell you it’s hard to scout out good WordPress themes that know how to incorporate a forum. I just looked at 3 of them, and they won’t be published.

Score has an interesting rating system for articles and comments. Unfortunately this is where its interest lies and not in the forums, which are once again too simple for my taste.

Its rating system by the author and readers is its strong point.


Test Adam&Eve

AdamEve, a WordPress template for 2 authors

The Adam and Eve responsive WordPress theme is out of this world. It allows two people to use the same blog. Create two types of items side by side.

This WordPress theme is responsive and shows up well on all screens.

Each of you can choose the location of the sidebar. Eve, the sidebar to the right or left. Adam, same thing.

One sidebar in the middle, another on the bottom.


Test PinBoard

PinBoard, one of these WordPress themes to Pinterest

If you like Pinterest you will be happy to find out about the responsive WordPress theme Pinboard.

All your items are display on the home page scrolling to infinity. The best part about it is that with the multisite option you can let anyone register and post things on this wall.

This makes a perfect theme to create a community blog with friends, where everyone can post their photos, music, videos or tell each other about their vacations. And this can be done on any device because it is responsive.

Follow this link: Pinboard, then click multisite demo, make an account and post. Isn’t it great?

wordpress theme citylevel.jpg

Test CityLevel

CityLevel, one of the best WordPress Community template

The responsive wordpress theme CityLevel is perfect for creating a small community. Actually this is the only thing it’s used for.
The member pages (profile) are very well done, they can include video and music. Their personal page can be fixed up the way they want it. These members can create personal portfolios which altogether form a community portfolio. They can of course grade the projects of other members. And they can even be graded based on the comments they wrote about other members’ projects. You follow me?

Well, the important point in all this complexity is that they can customize their portfolio (grid, thumbnail size, number of stored items). Fortunately it is still you who manages community portfolio. Otherwise it would be boring.

This kind of site you do not do for yourself, but for your community. And for that it is perfect because it gives a lot of freedom and things to do for your users.

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