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The following WordPress themes can work either for wedding invitations or portfolios. This is probably more appropriate than sending them to everyone, especially in the case of large families. A family member could take care of making the lay-out for the marriage, with even just a basic knowledge of our favorite CMS: WordPress.

The competition is tough in the business. I’m sure the wedding photographers will also be delighted to include such a site for themselves, and it is a great idea.

These themes are among the most simple to set up. There is nothing too technical about it: post photos and include some text. 4 or 5 pages will do. Do not forget that the quality of the pictures are crucial for the final result.

The only remaining task is to decide which style you want to present the event in, by choosing one of the designs presented on this page. I tried to gather the most charming ones while varying the frame. And there’s one for everyone.

Remember that for the sake of discretion, a password can be set at the entrance of the site.

the wedding2

Test The Wedding

The Wedding, a wedding invitation with a countdown

Its main asset is the countdown and is responsive.

wedding album2

Test Wedding Album

Wedding Album, the responsive full screen photo album

Wedding Album is a great full-screen slider that scrolls your photo album with music in the background. And this is not all. It also gives you free rein for new ideas.

jphotolio meilleur theme wordpress mariage

Test Jphotolio

Jphotolio, a WordPress theme worthy of your event

Jphotolio is a responsive full screen WordPress template. And it looks really great. This is an original theme compatible with audio and video. So far the best in this category. Choose between black or white version, both are beautiful.


Test Hitched

Hitched, a responsive portfolio for a wedding

Hitched has just been released in February 2013. This is a complete theme integrating google map, a confirmation form for guests, and can be used as a portfolio once the wedding is over. A quality template with a smart-looking design.


Test Marriage

Marriage, a theme for a wedding album

Wedding will do a good job in creating an attractive photo album


Test Invitora

Invitora, a one page theme for any type of event

Invitora is a one page theme to present an event. I particularly appreciate the menu that follows us on the left and the confirmation form for flawless organization.


Test Just Married

JustMarried, a theme for a wedding

Justmarried is a one page WordPress theme to present an event. A wedding to be more specific. Which doesn’t prevent you from using it for something else.

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